Fantastic Voyage Robot Fights Cancers!

The miniature robot is only a concept, for the moment

It seems that the incredible SF journey from “Fantastic Voyage” could become a reality, after all! It’s finally here: the miniature robot developed but the Israeli scientists! Yes, you get it right, there was no Japanese, Koreans or Chinese cell brain involved in the project.

Anyway, the robotic creature is only 1 millimeter-diameter, made to fulfill medical purposes, and is going to be able to crawl within the human veins and arteries.

Of, course, it is way too early to say weather the metallic bee is going to be allowed to go beneath the human skin. Some “smart brain” says that it could even be used in the battle against some rare diseases and cancers. Surprisingly, the scientists have even envisioned large groups of robots working simultaneously to fight against metastases.

According to Primidi, this could be an artist’s rendition of what the tiny submarine robot would look like. The drawing was made after some information received via the Jerusalem Post.

The robot was developed by dr. Nir Schwab, an important member of the College of Judea and Samaria in Ariel and by Oded Salomon, from the mechanical department of the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology. As there is no official information regarding the research, yet – at least not in English – the scientist only suggests that the tiny creature could be involved in brachytherapy, in which cancer patients are exposed to short-distance radiotherapy, which could be a major step and a real pain-release operation.

“For the first time a miniature robot has been planned and constructed, that has the unique ability to crawl within the human body’s veins and arteries.The robot will be able to crawl against the bloodstream with a force typical of blood vessels within the body without any problem, which has not been possible before.”, stated Dr. Nir Shvalb of the College of Judea and Samaria.

This robot consists of a tiny metallic hub from which tiny arms stretch out and allow the robot to strongly grip the wall of blood vessels. Does it sound creepy to you, too? Wait till you hear it all. The operators can even manipulate the creature to move in increments and to control the structure to crawl within a variety of vessels.

This is only a concept for the moment, so maybe in a couple of years it will became reality. I don’t even want to imagine what could happen if some evil minded person steals it…

By: Roxana Deduleasa, Communications News Editor

Source : Softpedia News


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