The Libris eBook reader turns your mobile into an eBook reader. Its clean interface and crisp anti-aliased fonts make reading on you mobile a pleasure!

Libris reads books in PalmDoc, unsecure eReader, and our own Libris formats. Books in PalmDoc format are available from (and other places), or you can produce your own books in Libris format using the included MakeLibris tool. Its easy to convert books with MakeLibris from sources such as Project Gutenberg.

Features include:

easy to read anti-aliased fonts
international characters (ISO Latin 1)
table of contents
single key access to main features
menu system (access with * or soft key)
quick paging with next page rendered while you read
auto recall of current page on launch
built-in help
certified by Java Verified

Libris has the following minimum device requirements:

MIDP 2.0
CLDC 1.0
800K java heap
screen size of 176×208 (or larger)
JSR 75 (to open external book files)
Bluetooth or USB connectivity

This TRIAL version allows you to read one book (included). All features are available except for opening books. A complete trial package including manual and MakeLibris tool can be downloaded for free at

The FULL version allows opening book files from device file system for devices with JSR 75 support. If your mobile includes the ability to play MP3`s or has a removeable memory card (microSD, etc) it likely has JSR 75 support. For other devices, you can easily embed the desired book in the Libris application MakeLibris. The full version has passed Java Verified certification testing.

Additional information and user manual available at

Download Libris eBook Reader Trial

Compatible with:
All J2ME models :: All Any J2ME device

Thanks for Mindseye for requesting this.