A huge 7 Inch Screen from a Korean portable music manufacturer.

A couple photos had been seen here and there the last couple days, it is now official, here comes iRiver’s latest jewel: the NV! This DMB-Navi combo will soon be available in Korea and the first thing you won’t fail to notice is the excellent design…for the rest you can count on a WVGA 7 inches screen, 2 SD ports, GPS, DMB, PMP functions (MP3,WMA, OGG – ASF, WMV, MPG, Xvid, H.264), FM radio and more…Starting in Korea as usual, hopefully the whole world will be able to get his hands on a little later!

Source : Akihabaranews

That will make you NV(Envy)! In my own opinion,the iRiver really beats out the ipod eversince.The IPOD just got its popularity because of its design and the style of marketing the way apple does(Trending).But in the other aspect,the iRiver really beats out the IPOD in terms of sound quality and battery life.