Dell Begins Sales of High-End Nokia Handsets

News by Brad Kellett

Popular PC and accessory retailer Dell has started selling unlocked Nokia handsets through its Small Business website, including the N80, E61, E61i, and N95. These devices join a large range of Bluetooth headsets and the N800 internet tablet on the Dell website, ready for sale direct to customers.

As the devices are unlocked and SIM-free, prices may seem a little high to those used to carrier-subsidized deals. Currently, the N95 is listed for US$736.54, which is around the same price as the Nokia USA Flagship stores are offering the handset. The N80 is listed for US$447.78, the E61 for US$383.40, with the E61i coming in at US$423.77.

Most US handset sales are subsidized through a carrier, mainly due to there not being another option that is feasible for the regular consumer. A large retailer like Dell selling high-end handsets like the N95 direct to consumers could be the shot in the arm that the US market needs to catch up with other parts of the world in the technology stakes.

Source : MobileBurn

So,will Nokia and Dell will eventually make a SUPER MOBILE PHONE? N95 Computer edition for an instance.Lets see.


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