Let the games begin: Free Mobile Games

Free games for your Nokia Series 40V3 phone.

Click on the links to start download:

Nokia Flying Finger – DownloadDownload JAD
LoveOMeter – Download
Nokia Skateboard – Download
Nokia Snake 3D – DownloadDownload JAD
Nokia Soccer 3D – Download

*Compatible with any java enabled phone with at least 128×160 screen.
*Free files provided here were thoroughly scanned with BitDefender Antivirus Plus to ensure that the files were clean and malware-free.

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  1. Mindseye: Thanks for your visit,hope you’ll regularly visit my blog.Don’t worry i’ll try my best to find an eBook reader for the N5300.

    More games to go..

  2. Blekies,

    As I’ve checked the links,It seems to be working smoothly.If you are experiencing problems with downloading,I recommend using another internet browser like Opera or Mozilla.

    Thanks for visiting my blog

  3. I installed all the games in my nokia6300 all are working except snake 3D which when I tried to run says error java/lang/Error static initialiser : java/lang/SecorityException : MIDP lifecycle does not support system exit.

  4. hey it wont let me download flying finger, or any games for that matter, it gets to the end then apparently has an error, is there anyway around this so i can get the games back on my phone. thanks

  5. Hi,

    To : Krystel
    Sorry,If you’re unable to download the games, check your internet browser and firewall if there’s any problems.
    Use another internet browser to be sure…mozilla and opera will do so.

    To : Vinod
    Update your latest phone firmware in order to run the game..because the recent firmware got java compatibility issues.


  6. Im using a sony ericsson W850i but it plays java games. when i download flying finger my screen goes all white and blank. My phone is not stuck though.. it is as it the game is blank.. can you help me?

  7. Sorry for the late reply(I got very busy lately).Now let me answer your questions.

    angweeshuen, 155552,
    Flying finger is only made to work for Nokia S40 java phones.No definite explanation on the other phones.Even a Nokia 6680 and N80 can’t run this game :).


    I assume you’re using Nokia E65.These games posted here at my blog are java games which is designed to run on S40 java phones.Your mobile phone has a symbian OS on it.Certain java games will work others not.As i’ve said above, even a Nokia 6680 and N80 can’t run this game.It also displays an error or the same problem with yours.


  8. hi, i’m using nokia 5700 music edition but my phone says “allow application flyingfinger to read user data?” when i open it, and even when i press “yes” my screen goes white. 😦 any way or suggestion to resolve this problem?

  9. Anonymous,

    Like what i’ve said on the above post, These games posted here at my blog are java games which is designed to run on S40 java phones.Your mobile phone has a symbian OS on it.Certain java games will work others not.Symbian SIS games will surely work with your phone.:)

  10. Thanks Xpressmusic, but isnt there anyway that you can change the compatibility of a java game? or is there a similar java game like flying fingers that is compatible with my nokia e65. im sure with ur resourcefulness u can give me a satisfactory answer. thx! =P

  11. Angyang

    Welcome Back!

    So far..it’s not possible to convert java games into a symbian file.But it’s possible to create a game like flyingfinger in symbian format(Which i do not know).

    I will just find a compatible game similar to it.Just tune in.


  12. omg..i using sony ericsson k610i..then my screen also goes white and blank!my phone support java games!why cant it load?plsplspls help!

  13. How can i convert .aac to .midi files? because i accidentally convert all my music files to .aac when using Nokia PC suite including the flying finger. So the songs won’t work pls help me. thx.

  14. Hay..i can’t download flying fingers :-(. Can you send me jar file..if the link can’t work! Please send me the file…i love this game so much!

  15. Qwerty and Asoet77,

    I’m very sorry for the late response(I’ve been busy lately).

    As far as I know, IE does have a security thingy that prevents some files from being downloaded. Therefore, I strongly advice that you use either Opera or Mozilla Firefox so you won’t experience this kind of problem.

    Thanks 🙂

  16. erm, im a nokia 5300 xpressmusic phone user and i’ve just downloaded this game into my mobile, i notice that this game has ALOT and i mean ALOT of delay when it comes to pressing the keys needed for the notes, i had another phone, a nokia 6280 and it WORKS PERFECTLY, i mean comeon, the note pressing has 0 and i mean ZERO delay, since the game flying fingers is BUILT,made for the xpressmusic series of nokia phones, why is it that the original has so much errors inside while other models work fine? please help come to an solution towards this problem thanks 😀 much appreaciated

  17. I can download the flying finger.jar and .jad. But after I install the game to my phone, it give me error message “Certificate not on phone or SIM”. What should I do?

  18. Yes, I try installing the jar file only. And I miss some word in my last post.
    The “Certificate not on phone or SIM” is the message that appear after I installing the jar, and open it. The icon is appear correctly.
    That mean everytime I want to open the game, it gave me that message, and I can’t open it.

  19. Atan,

    Try changing all options under the APPLICATION ACCESS>DATA ACCESS, if possible set it all to Always allowed. If that still doesn’t fix the problem, try downloading the file again.


  20. UUppsss, I’m so sorry. I want to cancel my last post. haha. After I post the last post, I try to delete my flying finger jar and jad. After I delete, I just copy the flying finger jar from my PC to mem card (as your instruction). And I restart my phone.
    Now it can be played!!
    I only install jar without the jad (by copying the jar to my phone via USB Data Storage mode). It worked for me without changing application access setting. LOL

  21. hi! my brother’s 5300 had this game and it was really fun to play. unfortunately when i tried to load it on my 5700, it was not compatible. i was wondering if anyone could tell me the titles of the midi tracks cos i really like them.


  22. erm, for me the flying finger, when i try to start a game, and play the music, it stats there invalid file or something like that can anyone help me? pls

  23. I’m using the Nokia 5700 Xpress Music but when I open the game Flying Finger, it asks to read user data. On clicking ‘Yes’ the game just loads into a WHITE SCREEN and I’m not able to play it. Any suggestions?

  24. i have a nokia 6120 classic phone. i can’t play it. i don’t know why. i should be able to cause i can play like, every game my friends can. and i have the same problem as Elliot and anonymous. can you help me check if my phone can play this game? cause i really love it and really hope to have it in my phone. Please help me. THANKS!

  25. can i play flying finger on my samsung e250? if not where can i find one???? i tried playing this game on my friends cellphone and i luuuuuvved it!!HELP ASAP!!

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