The cloning continues….

Copying and trademark infringement has always been a big problem for international brands in Asia. To illustrate, we have included the images of two cute animals that were found to be imitating the logo of an international brand!

AiFeng VS iPhone

The media coverage for the iPhone was so strong that customer awareness is a lot stronger than most mobile phone on the market. All that for a product not even released.

But wait.. why do I see the iPhone being released in China? Fret not, this is not the actual iPhone, but one made by China’s AiFeng. This phone is probably created to satisfy those that are waiting for the actual product. Its distinctive features include enabling users to enjoy both CDMA and GSM services by switching between the two networks freely with only one dual-mode handset, plus its phone book can be stored on a TF card. How innovative!

The Fake:

 The Original:

In a nation where counterfeiting costs companies worldwide $60 billion a year, according to the U.S. government, selling of such fake merchandise should be discouraged because counterfeiting undercuts honest competition and rewards illegal competitors, and even defraud innocent customers.

Why the cheapskates don’t stop copying popular brands?

More of the article here : Spluch 


One comment

  1. The hate Chinese Cheap and Crap Products…
    Once these Products have any problem you just have to throw them away.
    why do people buy such crap products of China.
    Why Chinese Govt don’t act against these Companies making fake and imitations of International Reputed Brands.
    I really Hate China Products.

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