IP Unity Glenayre Enables Video Calls from 3G Handsets to Non-Video Phones

IP Unity Glenayre announced it is going to unveil a new technology at CommunicAsia 2007 that is designed to connect video calls from 3G-enabled handsets to non-video phones. The solution will also introduce new advertising capabilities that expand the value of video telephony over 3G networks.

The new application, called Video to Audio Connection is designed to ensure that video calls can always be completed, even if
the recipient does not have video capability. Stan Little, Senior Vice President of Marketing at IP Unity Glenayre explained: “Video is the key differentiator between 2G and 3G mobile offerings, yet consumers haven’t experienced video calling because many networks don’t seamlessly handle video call completion to non-video handsets. Video to Audio Connection enables the voice portion of the video call to be received by the non-video user so the call can be completed. This new technology will increase consumer adoption of mobile video, and enable operators to secure valuable revenue, which is currently being lost by a lack of call completion.”

The technology also facilitates the introduction of a new mobile advertising platform that could deliver to subscribers a brief video advertisement or carrier sponsored promotion while they wait for the video call to be completed as a voice call. “Advertising could also boost video calling,” said Stan Little. “With our new technology, operators will offer low fee or no fee mobile video calling subsidized by advertisements. CommunicAsia is known for introducing the latest technology, so we’re excited to be demonstrating our new service for the first time at this event.”

Beside the Video to Audio Connection application, IP Unity Glenayre will also be demonstrating other solutions, including Video Chat, a video conferencing application that enables multiple 3G users to connect simultaneously and talk from their handsets, computer desktops or IP Video phones from any location. The solutions will be showcased at CommunicAsia 2007, which will take place between 19 and 22 June in Singapore.


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