XpressMusic Introduction

“Nokia XpressMusic”, a dedicated feature brand that makes it easy for consumers to identify Nokia’s growing portfolio of music-optimized mobile devices. Each mobile device with Nokia XpressMusic shares key features that ensure the best mobile music experience, including dedicated music key(s), music pause/resume on incoming calls, support for 3.5 mm connectors and extended battery life for easy and convenient music listening.

 “Nokia has blazed a trail for music on mobiles – from personalized ringing tones to integrated FM radios and MP3 support. This year, Nokia has announced two full-featured, music-optimized mobile devices – ranging from the Nokia N91 mobile jukebox, which features 4GB of music storage, to the Nokia 3250 music phone introduced today,” said Jonas Geust, Vice President, Music, Nokia. “The Nokia XpressMusic feature brand makes it easier for consumers to identify those Nokia devices which provide a great quality mobile music experience.”

In 2004, Nokia sold more than 10 million mobile phones with an integrated digital music player. In 2005, Nokia expects that number to exceed 40 million. Nokia has introduced a range of music-enabled devices with expandable memory capacity, allowing consumers to listen to their favourite music on a single device they carry with them wherever they go – their mobile phone. Additionally, Nokia’s music-enabled devices enable consumers to download music spontaneously over-the-air, in addition to transferring music files from their PC.

To warrant the Nokia XpressMusic mark, the device must meet a number of music-specific criteria, including:
– Great audio quality
– Dedicated key(s) for fast and easy access to the music collection
– Play, talk and play – music pauses when a call comes in, resumes when the call has ended
– Use any headphones for listening with standard 3.5mm jack
– Extended battery time (minimum of 10 hours for music)
– Substantial storage for large number of songs
– Create and edit playlists on the go
– USB 2.0 support for fast and easy transfer of your music
– Wide support of audio formats, including MP3, M4A, WMA, AAC and eAAC+
– Easy access to over-the-air music downloads

Source : Nokia Press 

Note : This blog is not affiliated nor sponsored by Nokia Corp.


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