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  • 50 Java Games Collection
  • 103 Java Games Pack

428 Java Games for phones with 240*320 screen

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*Free files provided here were thoroughly scanned with BitDefender Antivirus Plus to ensure that the files were clean and malware-free.

Also don’t forget to visit my second blog here.

*If you see any problems don’t hesitate to inform me by typing it into the comment box.

Thanks :D

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93 thoughts on “Mobile Games

  1. when I am earing mp3 without earphones its ok, when i plug in the supplied earphones sound still comes out of the speaker rather than the earphone,Is there something I’m doing wrong? In the radio works well, with earphones or out.

    nokia 5200

    firmware v03.92

    Pls can Help me?

    Thanks in advance.


  2. come on yar upload more game we are waiting

  3. Sheraz,

    Sorry for the delay.We are set to upload more games soon.

    Thanks for visiting!

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  5. may i know how to make the sreen of the game bigger on the phone?

  6. HI thal the nice site for downloading games for nokia 5300

  7. tannnnnnnnxxxxxxxxx vry muchhhh

    its cool website ,pls let me know if any new games are added

  8. Would you guys have games for my Nokia E65?

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  11. heyy everyone..
    can anyone tell me how to re-format nokia5300…???
    n can i move my messages into my memory card???

  12. Hi, James here,
    How do you install the free Nokia games e.g Snake 3D and Soccer 3D on to my Nokia 5300 phone? Please reply soon.

  13. hi plz anyone help me to find games for my 5300 xpressmusic plzzzzzzzzzz

  14. fady ,

    The games are already here! its in the post.

    James Rankin,

    Download the games. then use the nokia PC suite to upload it to your phone. then PLAY!

  15. please make and warcraft 3 game for nokia 6300 please i beg you or also make DOTA ALL STARS for it

  16. i saw a warcraft 3 game for s40 phones (that includes 6300).. just can’t remember where i saw it..

  17. Can any one help me in finding anti virus software for my mobile 5310 Express music

  18. Mohan,

    you don’t need one. =>
    5310 is a Series 40 5th Edition, Feature Pack 1 phone.

    not prone to virus..


  19. please make and warcraft 3 game for 6300 because the screen resulotion of the game here is too small….XOXO

  20. do you have games for suny ericssun m660

  21. New games will be soonly added. Stay tuned. You can subscribe to my feed so you can recieve RSS feeds from my blog and be notified when the new games has been already posted here.

    Thanks :)

  22. thx administrator im looking forward for the warcraft 3 game for 6300 its my favorite game and i put my passion on it…its my life!


  23. Chua,

    I will try to get that game. It’s my passion to make someone happy and satisfied. Just stay tuned for more.

  24. so excited for the new games coming

  25. are the new games is now yet out?

  26. Chua,

    Hopefully, the new games will be out either on Monday or Tuesday. Just stay tuned. Mobile application will be also added -PDF viewer, MS Word, MS Excel readers, Photo fixer, and mobile ZIP.

  27. okay…thanks a lot im a big subscriber of this site

  28. haysss………….cant wait for the new games coming this night………
    ^,..,^ LOL

  29. why the new games are not yet out??its tuesday already

  30. Hi to all!

    I added new games and you can download it right away. Hope you all enjoy it.

    Next update will be the Warcraft III-Dota..I’m still searching for a Hi-res screen version.

  31. i cant wait no long but i can wait as i can do just to play the warcraft game

  32. Hi Chua,

    At last! I found a Warcraft game that just perfectly fits on N5300, N6233, N6280, N6300 and other S40 phone with 240×320 screens. It’s kinda different from the previous one (128×160) but IMO this one is much better. I’ve already added it on this page. You can download it right away.

    Enjoy :)

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  34. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!!!!!…………

    THANKS A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    MORE POWER TO THIS SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. please make an english version for warcraft 3 thx

  36. please fix the language of warcraft 3 it is broken

  37. Sorry.. I forgot to tell that the default language is written on Russian. I’m still finding an english one so please stay tuned.

    +100 games on one posting soon!

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  40. do you already find the english version of warcraft?

  41. WTF………RAPIDSHARE SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Chua,

    Download the 50 Java Games Collection(43MB)then extract it. You will find an English version of it.

  43. Some java games aren’t formatted to .jar so they won’t normally work. Tomorrow I will post a tutorial on how to make it work. Just stay tuned.

  44. but the warcraft 3 in the 50 games collection for 240×320 is just in chinese and russian languange only

  45. do ya got might and magic II in english/german????

  46. hey can u upload the “2player pack” to mediafire. Im having trouble downloading it at rapidshare. thanks.

  47. Xpressmusic, you should check 3D games for compatiblity with Nokia phones. For example, NFS Pro Street didn’t work on 5300, only on SE as it built with MascotCapsule engine…

    And how to this blog its very good! Much Respect!

  48. Xmichael,

    Thanks for informing me. I tried that NFS game, and as you’ve said it didn’t work. But I haven’t specified the file yet as i got busy these days.

    Thank you for your kind thoughts.

  49. Cruach,

    I’ll try to find it and add it here. Just stay tuned.


    When I do have some free time, I’ll upload it on mediafire. Just stay tuned.

  50. I’m using nokia 5300 I’m playing sims 2 mobile it shows out of memory but i have 3 MB free memory

  51. Mr.Nobody,

    Yeah, it also happens in some games. Maybe it’s a bug or is it just the N5300 needing some more RAM.

  52. Hey admin,

    I can seem to get it right, can you email me a nokia 5200 version of the flying finger please. I can’t seem to get it write.

    please help, i really love that game.

  53. How come I can’t play some of the games in my phone? Some of them are WinZip files. BTW, my phone’s a 5310.

  54. i used memory up program but it didn’t work those games still show out of memory error

  55. Hi,

    I have purchase a nokia 5300 now i want to install anty spy call recorder software or bouncer game . pls let me knw is it possible or not ??


    Bhupesh Malhotra

  56. hey ya’ll..i can’t run flying finger onn my 5300. when i try to open it, it says that i hav an invalid MIDI file or invalid load. i really want this game. can anyone help me with this?

  57. I played the. game “God of War”. I say it’s the best mobile game wih cool graphics.


  58. thx for this blog…
    it’s so cool…
    i’m waiting for the next game…

  59. Its really nice to be here. I hope we can get next game soon..

  60. kadezalei,

    Hi. Make sure that Application tones is set to ON on your current profile. That will fix it! Enjoy^^

  61. dude can you pls indicate the screen dimensions of the game or group them according to screenb size? thanks

  62. need for speed pro street doesnt work on my 6300????????????????why???????????????????pls do uploud any NFS 3D games foe 6300…thnx alot

  63. need for speed pro street doesnt work on my 6300????????????????why???????????????????pls do uploud any NFS 3D games foe 6300…thnx alot

  64. how can i see pdf files on my 5300?

  65. hi,
    I’m Meetpal.
    I have bought a new Nokia 5610.
    My Question is will all the above games work on my phone ??????

    Thanxs in advance…

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  68. hi,

    uhmm xpress, just wondering… is there a version of flying fingers for nokia 5200 ( smaller screen size ) or for sony erricson? becos i really love that game :) would really appreciate it if u can code or resize it thanks a bunch. email


  69. Man it is the coolest site.

  70. hi everyone,

    i just wana know where to download games for Suny Ericssun M660 and it does not support Java games and it says that nes games can be download in da phome but those games are not really working, i don`t know wat to do with that format.or if you can tell how to install Java in my phone m660 so plz its needed fast ]

    i will be waiting…………..
    rais azad

  71. i have china mobile model is suny ericssun M660.
    i want to know about where can i get the pcsuite?

    if i connect my mobile to computer as mass storage the usb didn’t recoganise?

    and then if i connect charger to mobile it was chargingfine but after 5 or 10 later warning message will occur. the warning is bad contact charging?

    pls solve my problem

  72. after i restore to factory settings of my nokia 5310 phone, i am cant open all the games in the memory card. it will prompt Supportive File, Nothing to display…

  73. Hey admin,

    im a great fan of the site, just found it and already
    love it!! i thank you on behalf of all the fans =]

    p.s just wondering if you have a warcraft 3 in english for a res
    of about 176 x 220 please? or anything below that?

    thanks heaps

  74. Uhoh…after a complete dormancy for about 6 months here in the forums…

    I’m back……nice to be back inside the business..

  75. John Smith,

    Is it for a Sony ericsson phone?

    I’ve been trying resizing them on the past so….but i really can’t find the way to alter them…

    BTW, thanks for the compliments…i’m flattered! haha

  76. =]

    ya its for sony ericsson, 176 x 220 (w810i)

    i just cant believe there isnt a warcract 3 in english anywhere on the web..
    ive searched for weeks, over 50+ sites and forums and everyone says cant find..
    i could be corny as to say you were my last resort :P hehe

    would be great if you could find it, not sure if anyone has acutally done a english version though?

    thanks mate! keep up the good work

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  78. guess still havent managed to find warcraft 3 english 176 x 220,

    so im wondering if you might be able to look for Heroes Lore 2: The Knight Of The Frozen Sea

    in 176 x 220 please, id love to acquire this game also :)

    thaanks heaps in advanced

  79. hey can the flying finger game be for a samsung e250 too? if not, where can I get one of those games??

  80. hi. who are the only ones allowed to attach some apps here. i was thinking i could share some of my games here.. :)

  81. How To Install The Java Games To My Phone?Pls Post The Step By Step Procedure.Tnx.

  82. How To Activate MMS and GPRS to N5310.Tnx.

  83. Hello, I have china mobile ummmm…. suny ericssun m660 my phone only have 2 games and I downloaded 3 more games in my phone. The website only have 3 games. The game that i downloaded in my phone works.. mario,:… suny ericssun M660 have a NES STIMULATOR. I just wanna know where to download games for my phone.

  84. How to activate Nokia 6233 pdf reader. it require Activation code

  85. hey, my lg shine says it too, u cant play becuse of MIDlet.. I REALLY WANNA play that game, help pls!!!!!!!

  86. i drop my phone on the floor yesterday. And i tried opening the games in my phone and it shows supportive file and nothing to display. Can anyone help mi to solve tis problem?

  87. i cant play games in my nokia 5610..
    why? it says
    Supportive files.

    can anyone help me solve it?



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